The Sunshine Sisters by Jane Green (Author Post)

This is a very special post by Jane Green herself, written for our blog about growing up with a brother and inventing the sisters she never had in her newest novel. Her new book The Sunshine Sisters is out very soon (June 6th is the USA and June 15th in the UK). Good news is you can meet Jane in person if you live in London as she’s doing a special High Tea on June 12 (link below). ~ Erin 

By Jane Green:

I have spent my whole life wanting sisters, and a large part of the early years deeply resenting the annoying younger brother I got instead. I was very happy as an only child, and (apparently), had large lungs that were exercised regularly in a bid to win my parents’ attention. Imagine my disgust when another baby came along, who was more peaceful and easy, with whom my parents fell completely in love.

He was the golden boy. I was nice to him in front of my parents, then swiped handfuls of his hair when their backs were turned. I was an expert at the subtle wrist burn when no-one was looking. I stopped tormenting him when, as a teenager, he suddenly grew taller than me and fought back.

I went away to university, and decided to try liking my little brother. Now, all these years later, he is one of my most favorite people on the planet, and I can’t believe I didn’t see what my parents saw from that first instant. He is clever, and charming, and funny. He and his gorgeous wife make me laugh more than anyone else I know, and my only regret in living in America, is that I don’t get to see them nearly as often as I would like.

But I still sometimes think it would have been nice to have sisters. And so, like any good novelist, I created the sisters I wanted. Nell, who comes across as superior but is in fact emotionally closed; Meredith who is running around trying to please everyone, and Lizzy, who is selfish, self-absorbed, hugely talented, and impossible not to love.

The Sunshine sisters and their difficult, narcissistic mother, Ronni Sunshine, swept me away during the writing of this book. The only thing I have yet to do, is send a copy to my brother…

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