The Day We Met by Roxie Cooper (Review by Maggie Majstrova)

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The Day We Met is a story told over the course of 13 years, alternating between Jamie and Sophie after their chance meeting one weekend in 2006. Similarly to One Day by David Nichols, we check in with both Jamie and Sophie once or twice a year, through recaps of their lives (in their own words) since their last meeting.

We follow both their lives with their respective partners, their ups and downs and their relationship with each other. The book is equal parts epic romance, ‘normal’ life and ‘will they, won’t they?’.

For the answer to that question, you’ll just have to give it a read.

This book is one I could imagine reading over the course of a few days while lying on the beach. While I can’t say it’s anything ground breaking, it’s well written (Roxie Cooper was a barrister in a previous life) in an easily digestible way and it most certainly tugs at your heart strings. I’d be surprised if you didn’t ask yourself how YOU would react in Jamie or Sophie’s shoes on at least one occasion.

I found myself whizzing through it without even knowing how. I especially enjoyed the references to current affairs in each year’s entry and if you’re even a little music mad, you’ll appreciate the use of music by both characters when summarising their feelings to each other as the book progresses. The author even includes a handy Spotify playlist, should you wish to listen along.

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