Cincinnati GBC Chapter Member

I've been attending GBC for five months now. It's been awesome to discover new books to love that I never would have picked out for myself and to meet new people. The all-girl atmosphere is very relaxed and conducive to great discussions at meetings. This has been just what I was looking for in a book club!


Indianapolis GBC Chapter Member

This is my first book club. I enjoy the variety of books we read as most are outside of my norm. It allows me to experience different subjects from around the world that I would've never thought to read.


Oklahoma GBC Chapter Host

When I moved to Oklahoma from New Jersey the first thing I did was join the Girly Book Club. It was the perfect place to meet and make new friends. Plus there is nothing I enjoy more than discussing a book with a cold glass of wine. I am often pushed to read genres out of my comfort zone but am almost always glad I did.


St John Chapter Host

I've really enjoyed being a part of the GBC over the past 2 years. It's been great meeting new people and getting to read so many great books! I loved it so much that when a host spot opened up in my chapter last year I stepped into the role. Doing something like that is out of my comfort zone but I've loved it and I'm having tons of fun!


Vancouver GBC Chapter Member

I have never been into reading a book for pleasure until I stumbled across the Girly Book Club. The fact that I get to discuss my thoughts about a book after I read it (especially with other like-minded women while sipping on a glass of wine) is something I seriously look forward to each and every month. I also had no idea that a perk of being in the Girly Book Club was that you have the opportunity to attend a virtual meet and greet with the authors! I was able to ask Teresa Driscoll three questions and just thought it was the coolest thing ever!! I feel so incredibly lucky to be a part of such a smart, passionate, witty and enthusiastic group of ladies that all come together to meet every month for the same purpose - we all love to read! This is what I love most about the Girly Book Club and I think it's the best book club EVER!!!


Ottawa Chapter Member

I’m so lucky to have found the Ottawa chapter of the Girly Book Club just as it was starting up and I’ve been a member ever since! I’ve been introduced to fellow book lovers and to new book genres. Our chapter is lucky to have Stacey and Jess as hosts; they warmly welcome newcomers and they plan all kinds of complementary activities that make book club even more rewarding!


Duluth GBC Chapter Host

I love how easy the Girly Book Club makes meeting new female friends! I've lived in Duluth for awhile, but you can never have too many bookish friends. And, let's not forget about the books! The genres and topics vary month to month. I enjoy branching out away from what I normally read. Plus, there are hundreds of other women reading the same book with you! The GBC is an amazing community!


Cincinnati GBC Chapter Member

I love being able to talk about books with other people who've read the same book. I also like being able to meet new people who also love the same thing as me, books! I enjoy looking forward to something to do every month for just me. Wine is also nice :)


Boston GBC Chapter Member

This is such a welcoming group of strong women! I have been looking for a book club for a long time, and am so happy to have found this group. It has been so welcoming and filled with inspiring women. One my favorite parts has been the virtual book club, perfect for a discussion in case I can't make it to book club that month.


Lexington GBC Chapter Member

I love sharing my thoughts on the book of the month and what we are currently reading.


Orlando GBC Chapter Member

A great chance to meet girls with some of the same interests as I have. Enjoy relaxing night off from work!


Lincoln GBC Chapter Member

We always have a great time talking about books, making friends and spend time in different venues around town. Our group is a lot of fun and all opinions are valued.


Waterloo GBC Chapter Member

I haven't felt this comfortable with a bunch of strangers in a long time. It was nice to hang out with woman from all walks of ages. We all have the love of books in common, and it was easy to talk about different genres. Connecting was nice outside of social media, although by nights end (of my first meeting), we were sharing our Goodreads account info. I have always wanted to be part of book club, and I really think I have found my tribe.


Winnipeg GBC Chapter Member

I have been a chapter host for just over a year now and I could not be happier! Some of the women I call my closest friends I met through this group. I love that GBC encourages me to try different books, meet new people and break out of my shell a little bit more. I am so glad that I joined the Girly Book Club team!


Orlando GBC Chapter Member

I love that we’re a diverse group of book lovers who have thoughtful (and often funny!) conversations about the books we read. I also love that I have enjoyed some books that I would not otherwise likely have chosen. And I love the concept of all of us Across the country and world choosing the books and all reading them at the same time. Basically, I love everything about it! ❤


Toronto GBC Chapter Member

I attended my first GBC meeting about three years ago. Despite being so nervous about putting myself out of my comfort zone and into a room full of strangers, any hesitations I had quickly melted away as the host welcomed me with a friendly smile and immediately made me feel like part of something bigger. Since then, I have made so many fabulous life-long friendships, women I can't imagine doing life without. We bonded over books but it has become so much more than that and I grateful for this tribe!


Orlando GBC Chapter Member

I love my book club! We have a great group of girls, inspirational conversations, and a growing friendship. #squadgoals :-)


Victoria GBC Chapter Member

Very simply: great books and great girls to discuss them with :)


Melbourne GBC Chapter Member

I love conversations about the books and meeting women and listening to their stories too.


Brooklyn Chapter Host

When I moved to NYC from Denver, I was looking for a great way to find some girlfriends. Enter GBC! The ladies in the Brooklyn chapter are all so much fun, have engaging conversations each month and we've started to hang out outside of our meetings for brunch, game night, trivia and cheering each other on through life's ups and downs. These beautiful ladies are my tribe!


Anne Arundel GBC Member

The GBC has been an amazing answer to my quest to find a place for myself to belong and to just be me. I am the mamma to 8 children (foster and biological). Though they are all the loves of my life, I felt like I needed something to cultivate the inner person inside the mom persona and the Girly Book Club has been an answer to that pursuit. I love the books and the fellowship with other bright, engaged women. I look forward to reading the marvelous book club pick and going to book club every month!



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