Surprise Me by Sophie Kinsella (Review by Sarah Taverner)

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I was really pleased to get the opportunity to review the book due to being a massive fan of the Shopaholic book series.  I would rate the book 4.7 out of a 5 total.

I thought that the novels plot was really good and the ending was unexpected and definitely surprising! The book opens with a happily married couple Sylvie and Dan who finish off each other’s sentences deciding to surprise each other after finding out that they will both live longer then they thought. Sylvie starts to feel that her marriage won’t survive after they fail to like each other’s surprises. In the end a surprise from the past relating to her father changes Sylvie for the better.  I honestly didn’t expect the ending so the author surprised me!

The novel had a strong set of secondary characters and I liked how the book revealed what happened to them. I would describe this novel as strong chick flick literature and the perfect autumn read as the nights get shorter. I thought that the author crammed a lot of the books action into the final quarter of the book and given the seriousness of the secret I think more time was needed to explore the issue. I think Sophie’s writing style better suits a serious of books. I felt that Sylvie’s mother’s reaction to the secret related to Sylvie’s Dad was realistic although I wanted to shake her.

Dan was an everyday hero who put up with constant humiliation from Sylvie’s parents, but did everything in his power to try to protect her from her father’s secret. I think Dan is the perfect husband and father and whilst not very good at surprises you can tell he would do anything for his girls happiness. Perhaps we all want to find a “DAN”! I like how nearly all the characters are living everyday life to the fullest at the end of the novel. We should all celebrate the opportunity of living a long life!

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