More Than A Feeling by Cate Woods (Review by Oscarine B Barukh)

More Than a Feeling Book Review
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More Than A Feeling is a modern story I think a lot of women would relate to. Annie, a former fashion photographer turned stay-at-home mum without a ring in her finger, finds herself going through the motions having found out her boyfriend’s betrayal.

The story is gripping, emotional and told with laugh out loud humour, which makes it more real and relatable. As I turned the pages and found myself in Annie’s shoes, couldn’t help but feel her every sadness, disappointments and joys of raising her child. Most of us know somebody who is or has been through what the heroine in this book is going through.

I very much enjoyed ready this book and the characters reminded me a bit of those in Sex and the City Series because of their camaraderie and the support they give each other.

It’s the type of book that you can arm yourself with on a long haul flight, on a train journey to and from work, on a beach vacation lounging on your chair sipping cocktails or sneaking to the office toilet to read a few pages (why not? Don’t tell you have never done this!!!!), yes it will have you hooked from page one.

The book may be over 400 pages but it is very easy to read and the best thing about it is that it feels like a real life story and you’ll definitely love the ending.

A fantastic read and a Girly Book Club must pick.

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