Meet The Team

Our fearless GBC Hosts are really behind the day to day success of the Girly Book Club phenomenon. We have such a great charismatic group of passionate literary women. If you have a question for a specific chapter get in touch! Otherwise please contact our head office at
Erin Woodward GBC HQ

I founded the GBC in 2008 when I moved to London and didn’t know too many people. Since then I’ve had the most amazing journey growing the chapters and meeting amazing women all across the world.

Valerie Bennett GBC HQ

As a self-proclaimed word nerd, the GBC has me taking in great literature all the time, which I love! But what’s even better are the amazing hosts we work with and the lovely members I get to meet at book club each month!

Veronica Oklahoma

I was a former Californian looking to find new friends in Oklahoma. 3 years later, I have met and forged wonderful friendships with this great group of ladies as we discuss books and other interests.

Molly Lexington

My best experience with the GBC is having met some of my best girlfriends at the meetings in London! My favorite part of the GBC is meeting new people and reading good books.

Nicolle Richmond Hill

My favourite thing about GBC is that so many different women are gathering to discuss a common topic but opening up and learning so much more.

Samantha New York

When I joined GBC, I came for the books but I stayed for the people! This group has given me the opportunity to meet the most amazing women each month. No matter how hectic my workday has been, I’m always energized and inspired by the conversations we have. There’s nothing else quite like it!

Ariana Denver

My favorite thing about the GBC is how dedicated Erin is and how much we have grown because of her hard work! The friendships we gain and experiences we have are unlike any other book club.

Megan Halifax

I started as a member of the Toronto GBC and when I moved to Halifax – I knew I wanted to start a chapter. My favourite thing about GBC is meeting with great women and having great conversations.

Rayissa Etobicoke

My favorite thing about the GBC is the fun environment at a GBC night combining some of my favorite things – great girly books, super wine and food, and fabulous women!

Clara Richmond Hill

I love the gbc because it allows me to connect with women in my area and read books that I wouldn’t normally pick up on my own.

Christina Sydney

As a new resident to Vancouver (and Canada), I love the opportunity GBC provides to enjoy the city, read a broad spectrum of books, and of course, meet diverse and fabulous women!

Kathy Anne Arundel

I wanted to start a new bookclub and when doing research online i found the GBC. The concept is exactly what i was envisioning, so I jumped in feet first and started a new Chapter! I look forward to all the club has to offer!

Catherine London

My favourite thing about the GBC is all the new friendships I’ve made and helped foster in new members. With chapters starting up all over the world it’s fantastic knowing that wherever life takes me, a GBC chapter will likely be waiting for me.

Laura San Francisco

Our monthly meeting are wonderful for developing a sense of community in SF. I meet so many wonderful women that I wouldn’t have otherwise met. It is a pleasure to get to know everyone. Our book club discussions deepen my understanding and enjoyment of these diverse and interesting books!

Emily Denver

I joined the Girly Book Club because I wanted to meet more like-minded women and discuss amazing books with equally amazing women. I have never been the most outgoing person, but with book club I feel like I have found my niche.  My favorite part of hosting is meeting new members and learning more about their book tastes. I love how our discussions evolve and develop the closer we get as a group and there is always something said that surprises me or changes my thinking.

Lara Atlanta

I found GBC when I was looking for a way to meet women who loved to read like I do.  What I found was an incredible, diverse and exciting group of friends who are willing to discuss an unlimited array of topics and books….brain food!

Brittney Detroit

I joined the GBC to meet new people and develop new friendships.  I also wanted to get new reading suggestions and broaden my my genre choices to include books I wouldn’t have necessarily chosen for myself.  Since joining, I have developed a love for new authors and books already!

Jenny Portland

Why I love hosting? Talking about a favorite past time and getting to meet a wonderful group of women, what could be better?!!!

Joanne Hamilton

I joined GBC because it offered exactly the format of a club that I was looking for.  I look forward to Hosting the Hamilton Chapter, meeting new friends and reading great books.

Jennifer Orange County

Being able to share my passion for reading while making lifelong friends is amazing. The book club has really impacted my life, and I love being a part of this sisterhood.

Ellen Lindsay

The Girly Book Club has encouraged me to read books I would never have picked up and like them. I love our monthly meetings, seeing old friends and meeting new ones. It’s always a pleasure.

Stephanie Whitby

It is a true pleasure to co-host the Whitby GBC chapter. I look forward to our monthly meetings where we discuss the book, chat, laugh, enjoy good food and even better company. It is wonderful to spend time with new friends as well as familiar, friendly faces.

Remy New York

I joined the Girly Book Club as my 2016 New Years Resolution, and it’s been the only one that’s stuck! It’s all thanks to having such an incredible group of women. Every month, I look forward to seeing everyone and hearing what they have to say about the books we’ve been reading.

Trina Edmonton
My favourite part of GBC is meeting new ladies and having them return month after month to talk about books and life. 
Sarah Stuttgart

It is a real pleasure to host the Stuttgart GBC. Sharing ideas and opinions about the books we are reading and the themes within the books is a great way to make friends and share a few laughs. Our monthly meetup is quickly becoming my favourite day of the month.

Jennifer Brooklyn

I recently relocated to Brooklyn from Denver and was looking for a fun way to meet some great ladies.  My favorite part about hosting is getting to encourage the ladies to attend and being able to meet everyone at the meetings.

Angela Collingwood

I’m passionate about reading and passionate about my girlfriends so it seemed a no-brainer to start a GBC chapter!

Emma T Collingwood

I run the Collingwood GBC chapter with my friend Angela and I love chatting about the books each month with our members!

Emily Cincinnati

I love hosting the Girly Book Club, it’s been an excellent way to meet people after recently moving to Cincinnati. I appreciate that the club makes me read books I otherwise might not pick up, and the discussion questions always lead to fun conversation!

Val Lindsay

I have know Erin her whole life and have watched the GBC grow. I couldn’t wait to host the chapter in her home town. I love to read and love to be able to talk about the book with some great new friends and some great old friends as well!

Corinne San Diego

I am excited about hosting the San Diego Chapter of GBC and meeting new friends. I’m also looking forward to being a part of something bigger to discuss books and life with members.

Hillary Baltimore

I really enjoy reading authors and genres that I might not have been exposed to without the Girly Book Club. It’s amazing to think about all the women around the world reading the same book we are, and I love the virtual book group meetings where we get the chance to interact with the authors. No matter who shows up at a Baltimore Girly Book Club meeting, there’s always friendly faces and a lively discussion.

Elizabeth Victoria

There are many reasons I love hosting the book club.  One of the main reasons is it’s the kind of book club I’ve always loved, an event mix of books and conversation with lovely ladies.  Another reason is I’m reading books I would not have thought of or otherwise picked up.

Jolissa Minneapolis

I love hosting because I’m a huge book nerd! My degree is in English, and I run a book blog called Literary Quicksand. Every month, I look forward to hanging out with my group of ladies and chatting about books!

Karina Oakville

I love hosting for GBC because I get to meet people each month and join a global network of people with the same love of reading as me. I’ve learned that reading doesn’t need to be a lonely experience.

Ashley Philadelphia

This year I moved to Philadelphia from NYC and know very few people in my new city. GBC has given me the opportunity to meet new people and add some fuel to my literary fire. I am so glad I joined and began hosting GBC … it’s been great!

Whitney Minneapolis

I started as a member of the Toronto GBC and when I moved to Minneapolis, I wanted to continue on with GBC and started the chapter here. My favorite thing about GBC is meeting amazing new people and discovering new books/genres.

Brooke Houston
GBC provides an opportunity to decompress after a long day at work and discuss books with a fantastic group of women. As A host, I enjoy meeting new friends from all walks of life and providing them with a space to be themselves. I always come away from meetings feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the week!
Grace Manchester

One of the things I love most about the Girly book club is finding new books I would have never picked up and read before. One of my favourite books from the last year was a GBC book and I don’t think I would have discovered it otherwise.

Diane Whitby

Erin is one of my best friends and I’ve been watching the GBC grow since day one. It’s nice to get out of the house and have adult conversations around a book that I definitely wouldn’t have found the time to read unless Erin made me.

Nicole Vancouver

I recently moved to Canada and I loved it when I joined GBC, I was able to meet a group of amazing, like minded woman who welcomed me to the group and Vancouver. I look forward to doing the same for you.

Emily Saint John

My favourite thing about GBC is meeting new friends and reading books that I normally wouldn’t read! We always have a great discussion and enjoy some good food and wine.

Lauren Boston

Being new to Boston, joining a book club was a great way to meet new people. I enjoyed it so much that when an opening arose to become a host I jumped at the chance. My favorite thing is hearing how each book provokes a different reaction from every person. It makes for lively, passionate conversations, with so many perspectives and opinions. I love seeing these women returning month after month making friends, having fun & enjoying great books.

Jennifer Bowmanville
Kim Phoenix

My favorite thing about the Phoenix Chapter is how the members have become friends. I love that we get to to share the experiences and adventures that come with a good books. It is great that each can woman bring their own unique set of values and perspectives into our discussions. The women of the GBC not only keep the meetings fun but create a positive learning experience as well.

Debra Anne Edinburgh

I’ve discovered some of my favourite books through the Girly Book Club and love getting the chance to discuss them with some like-minded ladies over a few cocktails!

Lori Saskatoon

I am new to Saskatoon and hoping to connect with fellow book lovers and make new friends. I was a member of the Calgary chapter and loved the conversation and look forward to discussing books and life with the “girls” in my new city.

Linda Jacksonville

As a new “empty nester”, I was looking for something to do that was just for ME, and the GBC fit the bill! I am reading more than I ever have, and love being introduced to books I would never have picked out myself. The best part is getting together with a group of women each month to talk about life, travel, work (and oh, yeah, the book too). I also love scrolling through the GBC Facebook page as I’m reading the book to share the experience with other women from around the world.

Shauna Calgary

I enjoy the challenge of new books each month, and more importantly, the fun and amazing women that I meet at book club each month!

Johanna Waterloo

I spent a few months as a member of the Halifax Girly Book Club while I was living there last year. I really enjoyed the chance to meet an amazing group women, discuss our love of reading, and have a fun outing every month. I was looking for something similar when I moved to Waterloo in the summer, but haven’t found it yet, so I decided to start a chapter of the GBC here.

Courtney Naples

Hi I’m Courtney and in my free time, you will always find a book in my hand.  I am excited to meet other women who not only enjoy reading but are excited to discuss all things books as well.

Kathy Knoxville

I am new to Knoxville and am looking forward to making new friends and reading great books!

Sarah Oakland County

I have loved every GBC book selection to date, and enjoy the opportunity to read books I wouldn’t have otherwise picked up. The atmosphere of the GBC is laid back and fun, and the women are incredible! It’s the perfect combination!

Sarah Oxford

I am so excited to launch the Oxford Girly Book Club. I was a member of the Girly Book Club when I was living in Sydney and Wellington and it was one of the highlights of my time in both cities. I’m an avid reader and love it when I get the chance to read books I may not have found on my own. I love the premise of GBC of bringing all kinds of women together and can’t wait to see how the Oxford club develops.

Sarah Chicago
Shay Kansas City

I wanted to become a host of a GBC chapter because I belonged to a chapter when I lived in Denver and I loved the diverse group of women the GBC brings together. I’m new to Kansas City and I think that the GBC is the perfect way for women from all walks of life to come together, read great books, enjoy great drinks, and make amazing friendships.

Erin Melbourne

I love hosting the Melbourne Girly Book Club. It’s something I look forward to every month and I love welcoming new members to the fold.

Sarah North Bay

Why Open a GBC Chapter? I live in a beautiful city that has so much to offer…except a Girly Book Club. So, when I first heard about the GBC I knew North Bay needed to get on board. Reading, drinking wine, meeting new people and socializing – count me in!

Bonnie Bristol

Since meeting a great bunch of girls (and enjoying lots of books I’d never have chosen for myself!) in the Sydney Australia chapter of the GBC, I knew I wanted to launch a Bristol chapter once I returned home from my travels. Because of that group, I broadened my reading horizons and made wonderful friends I have to this day. As I love socializing, reading and the beautiful city Bristol, the Bristol Chapter of GBC is the best combination of my favorite things. I look forward to meeting you!

Sharon Newmarket

I am grateful for opportunity GBC provides, reading booking and meeting  new people. I love the diversity of books that are selected each month.  I can’t wait to start reading my next book.

Angeline Dallas

One of my friends in Houston suggested The Girly Book Club. I’m so thankful that she did! It’s my hope that the Dallas chapter gives others an option, and a place to go, that wasn’t available before. I can’t wait to see the chapter grow and make new friends along the way.

Jessica Columbus

I love how friendly and open everyone is at these meetings. As an introvert, I have struggled finding a social circle right for me. With The Girly Book Club, everyone is welcome to come as they are and enjoy an evening out to discuss a shared hobby, reading! The experience has been a lot of fun for me, and I have met some great people.

Rachana Stuttgart
It’s an amazing experience to be surrounded by such a diverse, strong-minded and inspiring group of women all the while diving into exciting books and enriching conversation. I absolutely love hosting the Stuttgart GBC!
Nicole Vienna
It’s an amazing experience to be surrounded by such a diverse, strong-minded and inspiring group of women all the while diving into exciting books and enriching conversation. I absolutely love hosting the Stuttgart GBC!
Andrea Peterborough
After moving from Windsor to Peterborough last August and being busy with teachers college I’m excited to meet some new people and read some good books!. Reading is one of my passions and this group gives me a great excuse to read at least one book a month outside of textbooks and curriculum. Share insights and enjoying great conversation with women who enjoy the same over some good wine (or alcohol infused coffee :p). I believe GBC will help release me from the stress of school if only for a few hours!
Suzanne Washington

The GBC gave me a lot of friends to lean on when I first moved to DC and didn’t know anyone. Now that I’ve been living here for a year, I want to be more involved in the community and foster that friendship for other women who might be in the same place I was a year ago!

Anjali Fort Myers

I’m Anjali, a solo practice attorney that works from home but loves the company of other women with similar interests! I am an avid reader, usually reading anything I can get my hands on and my husband and I just moved back to Fort Myers after years away (we grew up here but went to college and grad school other places!). I’m really looking forward to hosting and meeting all the amazing women in the area.

Killian New Orleans

I’ve heard so many wonderful things about GBC from my girlfriends in other cities that it seemed like the perfect way to meet intelligent, thoughtful women in my new town.  When there wasn’t a NOLA chapter, it only made sense to reach out about starting one!

Sarah Saint Petersburg

I was excited to host a Girly Book Club chapter to find like-minded women in Saint Petersburg who like to read, drink wine and make new friends!

Shona North Texas

I love to read, I love to talk, I love to meet new people and I love to eat and drink. What better way to achieve all those things than through a book club! I just love the whole Girly Book Club concept.  North Central Texas is one of the fastest growing areas in Texas. We are exploding with new homes which means lots of new people.  The Girly Book Club provides the perfect opportunity for women who’ve been here a while as well as ones just arriving to meet new people, be part of a community, and make new and meaningful friendships centered around a mutual love of reading in a fun and relaxed atmosphere!

Monica Austin

I’m a very social bookworm and love a good book club. Since I recently moved to Austin I thought starting a GBC here would be a great way to read some new books and make some new friends!

Kristin Fort Myers

Hi Ladies! My name is Kristin and I can’t wait to welcome you to the Fort Myers chapter of the Girly Book Club. I wanted to host the Girly Book Club because I think it is a fantastic way to meet other intelligent, like minded women in the area who also love to read, chat, eat, drink, and make new friends! I hope you will join us!

Kathleen Manchester

Hi, I’m Kathleen- I’ve always loved reading and meeting new people so when I moved to Manchester a few years ago I thought why not join The Girly Book Club. I’m so glad I did as it has allowed me to read so many new books and different genres I wouldn’t have normally thought to pick up, as well as meet some lovely girls who I can now call friends. I’m looking forward to hosting the Manchester chapter and reading some more great books

Charlotte Manchester

I am so excited to host Manchester GBC! We have a lovely group of women in our group and it’s great to have a chat and unwind after work! I love reading and book club gives me a chance to read a wide range of different books! I would definitely recommend GBC to anyone who loves reading and making new friends!

Jen Barrie

I decided to host a GBC chapter because I loved the experience as a participant. The books that are selected are consistently discussion-worthy and it’s so fun to have a laid-back yet engaging dialogue with other women!

Jenna Kuala Lumpur

While missing my previous book club with it’s international women and incredible conversations, I’m ready to meet interesting women in KL.  It’s one of the few places where I find like-minded ladies, not for my kids or husband or career, but for myself.  I’m very excited for this opportunity!




Join us in Toronto, Canada on April 3rd as GBC Founder, Erin Woodward, sits down with authors Pam Jenoff, Molly Fader, and Hannah Mary McKinnon for a panel discussion and Q&A. 100% of proceeds will be donated to Canadian Women’s Foundation.