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    Jenni White

    I just started listening to the audiobook of The Wife Between Us during my commutes and I’m really enjoying it! It’s supposed to be a twisty psychological type book, but mostly I’m currently trying to decide how I feel about Richard, the main male character. This is a highly-rated book. Please no spoilers, but has anyone else read this book?

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    Katherine Evridge

    I read it a couple of months ago as I won an advanced copy. You are the first person that I have heard from that is reading/listening to this book.

    I don’t know how far into it you are, so as to not give anything away this one definitely has multiple twists throughout the book.

    Let me know more once you either finish it or get further along.

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    Jenni White

    I finished it this morning! This book wasn’t perfect, but it was hard to walk away from it and I was very fascinated by the different characters. I guessed quite a few of the different twists easily, but the very ending, with Emma, definitely surprised me. And I liked the way Vanessa took charge of her life by manipulating her husband and Emma. That was pretty cool to learn about.

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    Katherine Evridge

    I enjoyed all of the twists. It also made me think of what if in real life, when women are in abusive relationships, but managed to get out, if they want to the next girlfriend, fiancé, or wife to warn them how much better things could be. After all abuse doesn’t stop with just one woman and wouldn’t we all liked to be warned if we were dating a guy that is abusive, cheater, liar, manipulative, etc.

    Looking up reviews of the book it looks like they are mixed as everyone is expecting it to be the next year’s “Gone Girl”. There can only be one “Gone Girl.” However, the similarities between that book and this one and ones like “The Girl on the Train” is that there is a female narrative that we don’t know if we can trust or not. I think sometimes when anything (book, movie, tv show, etc) has too much hype or comparison to similar projects nothing can live up.

    Some people felt the book lacked character development. However, if you look at Nellie and Vanessa, especially once you know they are the same people, who see the different type of life she lives and the person she became once she and Richard were married. As far as Richard goes, we know that his father was abusive and maybe that was enough as abuse does to run in cycles. The book was not Richard’s story anyway and even if it had been I don’t think you always need to know every single detail about a person to know how they got to where they are. Even sometimes once you have all the information you still don’t understand why a person would make the decisions they do.

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      Jenni White

      I think it’s interesting that people didn’t like the character development. I thought the interesting part about Richard was his complexity. Through his wife’s eyes, she can see times of real love and tenderness, existing alongside of his darkness. Part of me expected there to be a big reveal that he killed his parents and has been a psychopath his whole life or something, but it wasn’t the case.

      The fact that Nellie would want to marry Richard in the first place was really interesting to me. I didn’t understand the appeal of being in a life where she would have to be someone else all of the time. The idea of being “swept away” and committing to that for life just sounds suffocating to me. I didn’t like him from the very beginning.

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