Discussion Questions for One True Loves

One True Loves


Q. Discuss young Emma compared to older Emma. Do you think she would always have changed or do you think Jessie’s disappearance causes the big shift in who she became?

Q. Emma has an impossible choice – was going away with Jessie fair to Sam? Or was this the best way for her to decide what to do?

Q. What would you have done di erently?

Q. In Sam’s shoes would you have been as understanding?

Q. Discuss that first telephone call that Emma gets from Jesse – when she finds out he’s alive.

Q. In the film who would play Jesse? Emma? Sam?

Q. Emma and Jesse met really young, age 16, discuss relationships that start o in high school – are they more or less likely to succeed?

Q. Here’s a quote from the book:

”I think everyone has a moment that splits their life in two. When you look back on your own timeline, there’s a sharp spike somewhere along the way, some even that changed you, changed your life, more than others. A moment that creates a “before” and an “after.”

Looking back do you have a moment as described above?

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