A Risky Undertaking for Loretta Singletary by Terry Shames (Review by Bruna Morais)

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Loretta Singletary is a kind and sweet lady that cooks for everybody in her small town, attends church meetings, and is always helping with city issues.

The town’s chief of police, Samuel, is one of Loretta’s closest friends. He starts to get really concerned after she goes missing for a couple of days. After all, Loretta is very neat and would never leave her house without asking someone to take care of it.

After talking to some people and investigating her house, he finds out Loretta was using a website for online dating. He never thought she would be interested in such a website but this one was specifically for small town residents.

During his investigation, another woman from a small city nearby goes missing. Chief Samuel gets really worried when he finds out that woman was using the same online dating website as Loretta. Things get even worse when the second missing woman is found dead.

Chief Samuel is willing to do anything to find his friend before something terrible happens. He finds himself trying to understand the online dating world and he creates a profile for himself. He’s trying to catch the person that would be looking for a woman with the same features as Loretta and the other woman. It gets scarier and scarier as he delves into the world of online dating and some secrets are revealed.

This mystery book is a very quick read and I’ll be reading more books from this author for sure.

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