An Innocent Fashion by R.J. Hernandez (A review by Sabrina Eryou)

Rating: 4/5*

This book was quite different from anything I have read before but it struck me as an appropriate social commentary on the new generation, partially reminiscent of the Girls genre. I also could equate it to books like The Devil Wears Prada as it touches on the assistant life in New York City, which is like nowhere else.

The story is an often ironically hilarious and focuses on the new quasi-clueless generation of want-it-alls, who are blundering their way through life one cocktail or party at a time. This book reminded me of the intense journey of so many millennials, and their angst and conflicts during their journey to self-awareness.

Elian was a character that I felt must emulate the life of the author very much since his biography and the plot seemed quite similar. I imagine that a lot of his personal experiences helped formed this tale and an incredulous as some things made me feel, I could quite easily imagine a lot of things that happened from my own experiences as a younger person in a specific scene.

Easily relatable but somewhat over the top and a little bit fantastic in its fabulous nonsense, An Innocent Fashion was a wild ride in the not always so glamorous lifestyle of those climbing ladders in designer heels from the fashion closet.

 Review by Sabrina Eryou.