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Erin Woodward

Club Host: London

The Girly Book Club began in August 2008, in London, England. Erin Woodward, a Canadian born and bred, moved over to London at the age of 26 to discover the city and work in the wonderful world of PR. She spent an entire year in London before she decided that although she loved her job and the city, she wasn’t entirely happy. Missing her friends from back home, she decided it was time to get involved in some activities in London and meet some new friends.

Seeing as she was already in a committed relationship she had no interest in meeting men but craved the camaraderie of women to shop, gossip and brunch with. She went online with the great idea of joining a book club seeing as she’d really enjoyed being in one back in Toronto. Unfortunately (or should it be fortunately!), although many book clubs, there wasn’t one that felt exactly right for her. So she set about starting her own and called it the London Girly Book Club.

Through word of mouth and the help of Meetup.com the London Girly Book Club soon attracted a lot of new members. Originally Erin had envisioned having perhaps 10-15 members so she was sure that there was enough people each month to have some lively debate. Yet she reached 50 members on the very first day of launching the book club and despite intending to limit the amount of people that could join, success is hard to suppress! The book club grew organically and all these years later the numbers are quite impressive. London being a very transient place, Erin found that girls joined for a time and then moved on – but some enjoyed the club so much that they wanted to start a club of their own in the cities they were returning to.

New York, Denver, Perth all started because the respective hosts once lived in London and enjoyed the London Girly Book Club so much, that when returning to their home cities they were determined to take the book club with them!